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Bonnie Lieberman

Author of Children's books.

Seriously Silly!

Why was Tip Tipper confused?

Seriously Silly
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The Radiant Rainbow Cap.

Welcome to the Village of Nobble Ook.

The Radiant Rainbow Cap.
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Will Allie B. Able to Make New Friends?

Fun-tastic coloring in the characters.

Will Allie B. Able to Make New Friends?
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    Bonnie Lieberman grew up in the Bronx in a neighborhood in which social acceptance was greatly based upon wearing similar clothing, hairstyles, using the same expressions, and walking with the same strut as her popular peers. Hence, the idea for the story. She holds an NYS Reading Teacher’s License and has a passion for helping her students recognize their creativity and individuality. Today, Bonnie lives in Bergen County, NJ with her child therapist husband, and their two dogs and relishes when she spends time with their children and grandchildren. She and her spouse have a common interest: Must Love Dogs and Children.

A Learning Experience to Share with Your Children and Grandchildren.

My three-year old grandgirl, Bayla's favorite book is The Radiant Rainbow Cap

My son-in-law, Michael, reading The Radiant Rainbow Cap to my grandgirls

Why was Tip Tipper confused?

    Tip Tipper had turned seven years old just six weeks ago. He lived with his family in a cozy cottage in the village of Nobble Ook. Of all the Nobblets at Nobble Ook Elementary School, Tip stood out because he could hit a baseball, driving it way past the fielders, he could count backward from 1000, and could spell almost any word he had ever heard. But… most of the Nobblets avoided him. “When is the right time to act silly and the right time to act serious”? He asked King Obble Nook.” Along came King Obble Nook, with some royal advice. He approached Tip Tipper, “If you feel a case of the sillies coming on when you are supposed to be serious, take a deep breath.” Will the king be able to help the little Nobblet? Seriously Silly is the second story in Bonnie Lieberman's “King Obble Nook" series.

Welcome to the Village of Nobble Ook

    A place in which everyone wants to be like the King but not really… The King wants them to be like him. In the Village of Nobble Ook, someone is going to be very sorry… Will he discover it’s never too late to become a better person? Love yourself for whom you are, and don’t try to be like anyone else. In the Village of Nobble Ook, the King is telling the people to be like him… Can you imagine? Let’s open this book. Drop-in on the village and take a look. In the village of Nobble Ook the king is telling the people “Be like me. Be like me.” Never will I agree. You are you, awesome! Like yourself. May there only be one you with that special laugh wearing the clothes you like, singing silly songs that make you smile, running and jumping in your special style... Enjoying every moment of “Being Yourself”.

Will Allie B. Able To Make New Friends?

    Have you ever moved to a place where you were literally a stranger in a strange land? When Allie's family left Calla Cook City to live in the magical Village of Nobble Ook, she was accepted by most of the kids but bullied by some because she was different. Soon, her classmates recognized their own foibles and strengths and welcomed a new friend. Both the younger and older generation will have a "fun-tastic" time coloring in the characters featured in the free coloring pages.

Here are some helpful materials you can download to help teachers, parents, and students think about the lessons that can be learned from The Radiant Rainbow Cap.

The Five Senses

• Have fun drawing or writing a word about something you saw or heard in the story that made you think about:
• Hearing
• Seeing
• Tasting
• Smelling
• Touching
Have Fun!!!!!!

C O L O R I N G   B O O K

Click on the image to download it:

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page 2
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page 3
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page 4
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page 5
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page 6
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page 8
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A Story and Lesson That Will Always Be Relevant!
Reviewed in the United Stes on May 10, 2021.
Verified Purchase.
Thank You, Bonnie Lieberman, for creating a vibrant and enchanting story that emphasizes the invaluable lessons of diversity and inclusion!

"The Radiant Rainbow Cap"
5 Stars I went to high school with Bonnie yet we never actually met for over 50 years. I knew of her because I was an outsider and she was one of the cool kids “in the “In-crowd.” She is still incredibly cool now, as she was most likely back then, a kind, compassionate, caring, and generous communicator with a true understanding of children. She has a writing style that draws the reader in and the border of the fun illustration on the hypnotic (a good thing.) Bonnie understands that the more children learn about tolerance and kindness the more likely these children are to become tolerant and accepting adults. I hardily recommend “The Radiant Rainbow Cap” to anyone who wants to introduce a child to what is often referred to as “right-thinking”. Lewis Harrison, best-selling author, Life Coach, and Former Host of “What’s Up” at NPR affiliated WIOX FM

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